What you are paying for

  • Royal Noni Fiji Provides monthly laboratory analysis on our juice by USP's International accredited laboratory
  • Royal Noni Juice is regularly monitored by our HACCP team to ensure the Brix and pH level are at the perfect levels to aquire a premium quality juice.
  • Royal Noni Fruit are picked straight off the tree and ground fruit is never used, and trees are kept to a height that allows this.
  • Under Article 5 regulation; (EC) # 258/97. Royal Noni Fiji has approval to place "Royal Noni Juice" on the European Market as of 15th April 2005.

    Royal Noni Fiji is probably the best Noni Juice in the world!

Herbalism is an ancient healing art

For more than 2000 years the island healers in the Pacific Islands have used the juice of the Noni fruit for nutritional and sustenance purposes. Noni (Morinda Citrifolia) is a medicinal plant brought to Fiji by the early Polynesians. It is found growing wildly on nearly all of the South Pacific Islands.

Since the early days noni has been successfully used in many ways for numerous
health problems.

Royal Noni Fiji never makes claims based on unfounded evidence found on other companies websites.

Try Noni Juice - it will make you better!


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